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With years of experience in the industry, Pound Wholesale has become a trusted and respected wholesaler.

What is Wholesale? 

Wholesale is the selling of merchandise to businesses who then sell directly to consumers. Wholesaling is an example of B2B (business-to-business) where wholesalers directly market and sell their trade to other enterprises. Wholesalers understand the consumer market as they stock to prepare for the different trends in the market, but they rarely sell directly to consumers.

A wholesale distribution business can sell a variety of different products or specialise in one commodity. You can find a wholesaler in groceries, oil, gold, toys, clothing and many others. Pound Wholesale is a pound line wholesaler selling to pound shops and discount stores throughout the UK and the world.

Wholesale Suppliers 

As an wholesale supplier we directly communicate with manufacturers to locate the best stock and negotiate the best prices.

Pound Wholesale has over twenty years of experience in the wholesaling industry. We have personally visited manufacturers throughout the world to find the latest stock to satisfy consumer trends and establish relationships with trusted manufacturers to get good quality stock at cost effective prices.

Retailers and businesses benefit from wholesale suppliers as they can purchase imported goods in bulk.

Benefits of Wholesale 

As a wholesaler, our customers have benefited from our experience and our varied stock lines. There are many benefits to buying wholesale rather than buying directly from a manufacturer.

Buying from a trusted and dependable wholesaler means you know the stock is reliable and you are not left trusting an unknown manufacturer. Wholesalers understand the market and predict the trends so they can purchase their stock beforehand so businesses can enjoy the benefits of the stock available. Bulk buying from a wholesaler can be more cost effective than purchasing from a manufacturer. There is a diverse range of products available from wholesale suppliers as they have the opportunity to meet with many unique and niche manufacturers. Pound Wholesale has made it easier for our customers to purchase products and receive their stock quickly.

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